Elon Musk calls for regulatory oversight of AI: report

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Twitter Executive Chairman Elon Musk continues to push for increased regulatory oversight of artificial intelligence, affirming he might be “smarter than all humans in everything” in the future.

In a video keynote address at a Chinese government-backed AI conference on July 5, Musk would have noted that governments should be concerned about deep intelligence, urging regulators to intervene to prevent its misuse.

“I think we should be very careful with the development, especially of artificial general intelligence, or very deep intelligence (…) Artificial general intelligence is computational intelligence that is smarter than all humans in all. That’s something we should be concerned about,” Musk said, acknowledging that “it’s important to have some sort of regulatory oversight” on that front.

The concept of artificial general intelligence, or AGI, refers to a subset of artificial intelligence that expects machines to rival or even surpass humans in intelligence. Also known as deep AI, the technology adds human cognitive abilities to a program, allowing machines to learn the same way humans do.

In his speech, Musk also touched on autonomous vehicles and robots, noting that they could bring a “very profound change” to the world, adding that “we have to be careful about it to make sure it’s something that benefits people. humanity”.

Musk’s comments follow the unveiling of Tesla’s humanoid robot a few months ago. Called “Optimus”, the prototype was first shown at the automaker’s “AI Day” event last September as a demonstration of the company’s latest advancements in artificial intelligence. “Over time, it looks like it may, at some point, exceed the one-to-one ratio, in more robots than humans, and potentially many more,” Musk remarked.

Tesla’s Optimus prototype at the company’s 2022 AI Day event. Source: Tesla

China would step up its AI development efforts. At a recent meeting attended by Chinese President Xi Jinping and prominent Communist Party members, Beijing outlined its ambitions to lead the global AI race.

According to local news agency Xinhua News Agency, Chinese leaders discussed the need for “dedicated efforts to safeguard political security and improve governance of internet data security and artificial intelligence”.

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