The best blockchain ‘doesn’t exist’ – Cardano Foundation Exec

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While many in the community like to argue about what the ultimate blockchain is, an executive at the Cardano Foundation believes these arguments should stop, as use cases dictate which blockchain is most appropriate for specific projects.

During the World Token Summit in Dubai, Cointelegraph spoke with Mel McCann, Vice President of Engineering at the Cardano Foundation. The executive touched on a variety of topics including enterprise adoption and the need to stop arguing over which blockchain is best.

Cardano Foundation’s Mel McCann (left) with Cointelegraph journalist Ezra Reguerra at the World Token Summit in Dubai. Source: Cointelegraph

According to McCann, blockchain offers many potential benefits in terms of tracking the history of virtually anything. “There are many ways to use blockchain to prove origin, provenance, for all of these things,” he said. There are many ways for businesses to leverage blockchain for different purposes.

However, McCann said that doesn’t mean companies have to entirely change their business models to adapt. The executive explained that one of the things he is interested in is identifying areas that could help companies “augment” what they are already doing. He said:

“We’re not looking to change people’s business models. What we’re looking to do is: how can they improve their business models by leveraging Web3 capabilities? »

The executive also explained to Cointelegraph how education plays a role in integrating businesses into Cardano and Web3. “We spend a lot of time on education, like direct education with companies, not just on the mass education platform that we’re building,” McCann noted.

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When asked to compare the pros and cons of various blockchain platforms, McCann said there are different use cases for each. The executive also said that there is no ultimate blockchain. He said:

“One of the things I think people need to stop doing is asking themselves, ‘What is the ultimate blockchain?’ You know, ‘What’s the best blockchain for that?’ And it doesn’t exist in my head because it really depends.

McCann argued that only the person starting a business can assess which blockchain would be most appropriate for their business. The executive argued that there are different benefits to using different blockchains. “I’m never going to turn around and say, yeah, it’s a one-stop shop. That’s not how it works,” he explained.

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