Tencent Cloud Reportedly Offers $145 Deepfake Maker Tool

Tencent Cloud – the cloud service provider arm of Chinese tech giant Tencent – has launched a new digital human production platform allowing users to create deepfakes of any individual based on a clip three-minute video and 100 voice phrases.

Tencent Cloud’s deepfake generator uses Tencent’s internal artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities to recreate fake videos of an individual. Scammers have widely adopted deepfake videos to trick investors by impersonating public figures. In 2022, Tesla CEO Elon Musk warned of the growing number of deepfakes impersonating him to promote cryptocurrency scams.

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As reported by local media outlet Jiemian, Tencent Cloud’s service can analyze and train on three-minute videos and 100 voice clips to produce a compelling deepfake video in 24 hours. The deepfake creation service costs around 1,000 yuan or $145.

Deepfake version (left) created by Tencent Cloud’s AI service. Source: Tencent (via Jiemian)

The news media The Register reportedly confirmed development with Tencent and pointed out that the service could develop deepfakes in Chinese and English. The creation of digital humans is offered in five styles: realistic 3D, semi-realistic 3D, 3D cartoon, 2D real person and 2D cartoon.

Tencent intends to use the service to host live-streamed infomercials for the Chinese population. Jiemian’s report reveals that other applications of deepfakes can include portraying “doctors, lawyers and other professionals”.

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Simultaneously, other Chinese tech giants, including Huawei and Baidu, have started developing their own versions of generative AI tools to compete with market leader ChatGPT.

As Cointelegraph pointed out, large chat-based language models can have major applications in blockchain, such as auditing smart contract codes or recommending crypto trading tips for maximum profits.